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EMSA Constitution


Constitution of the European Mormon Studies Association

Article 1: Name

The name of the organization shall be the European Mormon Studies Association (hereafter ‘EMSA’, or ‘the Association’).

Article 2: Purpose

EMSA is a scholarly organisation that supports the academic study of the Mormon experience in Europe and Mormonism in general by Europeans.

Article 3: Executive Board

A. The Executive Board (hereafter ‘Board’) consists of three members, currently consisting of David Morris, Ingrid Sherlock-Taselaar, and Aaron Reeves. 

B. Elections for members of the Board shall be held whenever a vacancy occurs. Members shall be elected by a plurality of ballots from the existing Board.

C. Nominations shall be solicited prior to and at the conference.

D. At least two members of the Board must reside in Europe.

E. Final authority for the direction of the Association’s activities resides in the Executive Board.

F. The Executive Board each shall meet as often as necessary to conduct their business. Business called to a vote must carry a majority of Board members in order to be enacted.

Article 4: Meetings

The Association shall meet in Europe at a time and place to be selected by the Executive Board. Along with papers presented and any other activities, there shall be a business session involving any interested parties and led by the Board.

Article 5: Journal

The Association sponsors a Journal, The International Journal of Mormon Studies (IJMS). The publisher shall be David Morris.

Article 6: Funds

Association Funds shall be kept in a UK bank account and shall be subject to oversight from the Board.

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