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EMSA Conference 2013


2013 EMSA Conference (with Brigham Young University London Centre):

“Great Men and Mormonism”

Thomas Carlyle wrote that “the history of the world is but the biography of great men.” Papers are invited to explore Mormonism’s intersection with history’s “great men,” Mormonism’s own great men, and Mormon Studies’ interest in great men (as opposed to common men — is Mormon Studies biased this way?). We mean, of course, to include “great women” in this discussion. Therein lies, perhaps, another bias to explore.

Friday, 13th December 2013 (7.30-9.30): Wilfried Decoo — “European Great Men and Mormonism: A Positive Dissection . . . With a Twist”

Loyola Hall

Heythrop College

Kensington Square

London W8 5HN


Saturday, 14th December 2013 (9.30-5)

Hyde Park LDS Chapel

64-68 Princes Gate

Exhibition Road

South Kensington

London SW7 2PA


Ryan Tobler (Chicago): “Thomas Carlyle, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Brigham Young.”

Brittany Chapman (LDS Church): “Great Mormon Women Remembered: Pinning Down the Rhetoric”

Luke Perry (Utica): “Comparing Two Great Mormon Senators: Orrin Hatch and Harry Reid.”

Wouter van Beek (Tilburg): “Big Fish in a Small Pond: Dynamics of Polder Greatness.”

Janiece Johnson (Leicester): “Journal versus Proceedings:Contrasting Accounts of the 1905 Dedication of the Joseph Smith Monument.”

Carl Youngblood (MTA): “Demythologizing Mormonism.”


Carter Charles (Bordeaux): “Reed Smoot, the Apostle/St Paul of Mormonism.”

Ben Park (Cambridge): “Greatness” of (Wo)Men: Edward Tullidge, Hannah Tapfield King, and the Gendered Tasks of Biography.”

David Richards (Exeter): “The Book of Mormon and the ‘Great Man Theory’ of History.”

Jessica Finnigan (Cambridge): “The Heroic Struggle: A Process of Creating Great Leaders.”

Quint Randle (Provo): “Themes of Mormon Doctrine in the Lyrics of Brandon Flowers.”

Sherry Baker (Provo): “Great Men and Common Women in Mormon Studies: An Agenda-Setting Analysis.”



Delegates will need to organise their own accommodation, etc. Both venues are in the Kensington area of the city, near Hyde Park. £10 fee. Register on the day.

3 Comments leave one →
  1. 29/04/2013 23:46

    So excited:

    1. Y’all are finally holding it while I’m actually on the right side of the Atlantic. (The summer dates always take place while I’m back in the states.)

    2. It’s in London, only a 40 minute train ride for me!

    3. You picked a phenomenal topic, and I already have a paper in progress I can submit.

    • 30/04/2013 07:42

      I’m glad you like the topic, Ben. See you there (if not sooner — you need the tour of the Shire).


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