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About EMSA

EMSA aims to support Mormon Studies activities in Europe by sharing information via this website/email list and sponsoring an annual seminar. It is hoped that EMSA will be the hub of Mormon Studies in Europe and that the seminar can continue to be a useful and friendly European gathering place for scholars working on Mormon-related topics.

By “Mormon” we mean the “Restoration” movement in all its manifestations. By “Mormon Studies” we mean the academic study of Mormon theology, history, culture, and sociology. By “Europe” we mean to attract both European scholars interested in studying Mormonism in general — from various perspectives — and any scholars interested in studying the European manifestation of Mormonism in particular. By “academic” we mean the scholarly approach to knowledge and understanding, one that strives for objectivity. There are other fora for devotional, apologetic, or critical studies of Mormonism. This does not, however, preclude those who approach Mormonism from positions of faith, nor those not associated with a university, provided academic integrity is maintained.

Papers from all individuals are welcome at the EMSA seminar. Proposals must be approved in advance. A small fee will be charged to seminar attendees to recover related costs. Acceptable papers may be published in the International Journal of Mormon Studies.

We are happy to advertise all Mormon Studies activities that are mostly academic rather than devotional or critical in nature.

Whilst English will be the operating language of EMSA, we do not wish for EMSA to be Anglo-centric. We are happy to carry foreign language announcements and support activities outside of the Anglophone world.

EMSA’s constitution can be found here.

EMSA is not affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, nor any other organisation.

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